Boo – 4 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Having kids brought more excitement back to Halloween. I now understand why it was so much fun for my parents to dress my brother and I up in costumes. I may still question the logic behind some of the costumes <Insert this throwback below>

A walking present? I need to ask my mom if I requested this number.

I hope you will find inspiration in my attempts to DIY some of our costumes the past few years.

Football Player & a Baby Football

The first year we had 2 boys to dress for Halloween, I kept it simple and went with a football player and baby football. We had an ECU jersey which was gifted to us as my husband is a proud Pirate graduate.

I searched Pinterest for a DIY football padding template. I used this one, Padding Template. The only thing needed for this, foam, scissors, string and hot glue. I happened to have all these items on hand from past home projects that required these items.

As for the baby football, I bought a brown onesie from Blanks Boutique . The quality of their products are wonderful. I always bought from them for majority of my monogramming and embroidery items I made for clients when that was a business of mine.

I cut strips of white fabric to mimic that of a football and sewed them with a simple stitch down the center of each. I set the stitch spacing to a wider length as I knew I’d also be removing the white fabric after Halloween to add a proper fall turkey applique for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. (I’m always looking for multi-purpose uses for things in the home and with clothing.)

Where The Wild Things Are

Our oldest loved reading this classic children’s book beginning at the age of 3. His love for the book inspired their Halloween costumes. This dragon caught his attention at TJ Maxx which I thought we could easily work into the theme.

Wanting to find an option that had multi-purposes for our youngest, I took to finding ways to make his costume. I found a sherpa onesie on sale for 50% off at Baby Gap that was the main necessity for him to become Max. Here is a similar option for less, baby Sherpa .

Between Michaels and Walmart, I was able to find faux fur that had wire inside and oversized tan buttons that I could easily add to the sherpa and remove after Halloween.

The crown was a party pack (Target) left over from our youngest’s 1st Birthday party (which happened to be the same theme). I hot glued a small bit of faux fur to the base of the crown, then lightly stitched it to the top of the hooded sherpa onesie. I used more of the faux fur to attach the tail.

Once again, the sherpa was put to use after Halloween as I was able to easily remove the stitched fur additions.

I’m linking ready-made costume options below:

Max the wolf

Wild Thing


The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf

I cannot take credit for this idea. One of my close friends dressed up in costume with this family theme the year prior and we loved it.

There were pig headband sets but I knew our boys wouldn’t keep them on. I opted to make a template for the ears and sew them onto hats and a beanie for our youngest.

I first sketched out a basic template for the ears on paper, then used the paper template to trace onto pink fabric that I already had. I made the ears double-sided, with two different fabrics. You could also use inexpensive felt sheets. I first sewed the ear edges then flipped them right side out before stitching to the hats.

The alligator clip pig tails were at Target last year (2018).

Overalls were found at Target. This year’s inventory at Target has more trendy detailing on the denim. HERE

As for the noses and wolf mask, Amazon had the best deals:


Hog Noses

Pig Costume 1 Pig Costume 2 Pig Ear, tail, and nose set

Toy Story

This year’s theme is Toy Story. Our oldest wanted to be Woody and our youngest chose Buzz Lightyear, who he absolutely LOVES. I’ve just recently made the vest for the Woody costume which I will share soon. There will be more to come for this post once the final touches have been added.

Should you wish to buy a ready-made costume, here are some of the best deals I’ve found:

Woody Costume

Woody Accessories

Buzz Lightyear Jetpack

Buzz Lightyear Costume

It’s hard to believe Halloween is just around the corner. There were times when I was forced to DIY costumes because they had been sold out.

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