Holiday Gift Guide for KIDS

Let’s be honest, if you have kids and/or nieces and nephews, kids bring new life back into Christmas. I can remember the first Christmas our first born was old enough to understand the meaning of Christmas and Santa. The pure shock and excitement on his face as he peered into the living room from the upstairs loft and then squealed “Wow! Santa came!”, is something I will never forget.

Now our boys are ages 5 & 3 so I predict this year might be one of the best Christmases yet.

I’ve gathered some of their favorite toys in the below gift guide that I hope will help with your gift giving this year. Below the image are labeled items with links I’ve sourced for the best deals at the time. Also included are a few items not pictured that are great gift ideas.

Magic Sketch Pad – Works well for carefree doodling and a learning tool with the interchangeable inserts.

Kindle Fire HD for Kids – Easily download learning apps, have access to Prime movies when traveling all while your little one can easily hold their very own tablet because of the easy grip cover.

Discover Rock Tumbler Kit – For the outdoor enthusiast and rock lover.

Strider Balance Bike– I kid you not, our oldest went straight from this bike to a big boy bike without training wheels or assistance. I nervously was forced to let go as he confidently said “I’ve got it mom, let go!” Then off he went around our cul de sac. We cannot say enough about starting your little off with one of these bikes.

3 Wheel Scooter– The three wheels are much easier to learn on. Another go-to favorite for both of our boys.

Magic Tracks with Remote Control Car – Options to build and change the tracks with easy to snap pieces. The best part about this one, they glow in the dark and the car has headlights. This toy has provided hours of entertainment for our boys. Highly recommend!

Dance Ribbon Streamers – We first saw these at our downtown music events. The family shared ribbons with our boys which then provided endless entertainment as they twirled ribbons, danced and made new friends. Great stocking stuffer idea also.

Magna Tiles – Hands down worth the investment. You can add on with other Magna tile bundles at anytime making this a gift that lasts for years. Our oldest has made some of the most impressive builds with these. They allow for your children’s imagination to run wild. Smaller start kit can be found HERE.

Dig It Up Eggs – Fun activity on a rainy day or a perfectly sunny day spent outside.

Fishing Pole – This has been the perfect starter pole for our kiddos (Spider Man themed of course). The rubber fish bait is a perfect weight for them to cast and reel back in before the real hooks and bait are added to the line for actual fishing.

Golf Clubs – This has been requested from Santa this year. Based on research, these appear to be a great starter set.

  • Golf Shoes – A great addition if your little is serious about the sport and taking lessons.

Ride on Plasma Car – Fun for all. We have had family friendly races down the driveway on two of these. You must get one for each kiddo.

Step 2 Roller Coaster – A fun activity to set up on a sunny day, birthday parties, and when friends are over for playdates.

Nature Bound Bug Catcher – Our boys love the outdoors and catching bugs. I like that this bug vacuum keeps the bugs from their hands. The chamber can be closed off then attached to the bug box lid, reopening the chamber for the bug to enter safely into the box.

Saucer Swing – fun and relaxing swing the kids love.

Walkie Talkies – Again, another toy that has provided hours of entertainment. Not to mention, it’s fun for parents to join in the fun.

Books – Wordy Birdy & Little Blue Truck

Little Tikes Trampoline – A great way for the littles to burn energy when outdoor play isn’t always the option. We have ours on the screened in porch as the weather has been fairly mild this Fall.

Here’s to hoping you and yours have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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