DIY Wood & Metal Hooks

DIY Wall Hooks

This simple DIY project is perfect for a rainy day.  You can plan ahead and snag these hooks for 1/2 off when they are in the sale rotation at Hobby Lobby.


1- 1×6 Pine Board (1 board allowed for the 3 different wall hooks you see pictured)

Wall Hooks – sourced from Hobby Lobby (they are frequently 50% off)

1 inch black screws (quantity dependent on how many hooks you plan to make)

Stain color of choice (we used Special Walnut by Minwax)

1/4 inch drill bit (attachment for your drill to make a hole in the metal wall hook)

2 inch black screws (quantity dependent on number of wall hooks you make)

This budget friendly DIY can cost as little as $40 for all 3 wall hooks.  Hobby Lobby frequently offers their drawer pulls and metal wall hooks at 50% off.  You can find each hook at these links – Single Retro Iron HookTriple Retro Iron Hook, single iron hook (not available online).  If you don’t want to wait for the hooks to go on sale, you can use a 40% off mobile coupon for one item.


  • Stain the board and allow to dry.  Do not discard the towel used for staining as you will  need it again to stain edges after you cut your board
  • While your board is drying, you will drill the holes in the metal hooks to allow for ease of attaching them to the wood board.  Attach the drill bit to your power drill, mark where you want the holes for the screws, leverage the metal hook on an sturdy surface to allow for some overhang for your drill, securely hold the hook with one hand on the surface while you drill a hole, discard metal shards and repeat until you have 2 holes in each of the larger metal hooks.  No drilling is required for the individual hooks.
  • Measure out the size you want for each wall hook.  To utilize one board as we did, measurements are as follows: 1 Single Hook – 7 inches, 3 hook – approx. 23 1/4 inches & 5 hook – approx 41.5 inches.
  • Stain raw edges after you cut each piece
  • Center metal hooks on board and attach them using the 1 inch black screws
  • Once boards have completely dried, you can attach them to your wall using the 2 inch screws.  We recommend finding the stud in the wall to ensure they are secure and withstand holding the weight of your goods over time.


Our 5 hook set was added above a shoe bench in our garage to create a simple hall tree and catch all for jackets & book bags.

If you love the look and just don’t have the time or tools to make these, you can send us a message at The Homestead Haven as we have them in our shop inventory ready to ship.  (They’re currently not online in our Etsy shop and solely made for our vendor markets.)

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