NC Wine Trails

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Two of our best friends live in the heart of NC wine country, Yadkinville, NC.  Starting in 2011, we ventured to different vineyards with them in the beautiful countryside and have found some hidden gems in our beloved state.

Here you will find options for self-guided tours as well as tour-guided NC Wine trails.  I’ve provided tips for each trail but you’ll find some of the vineyards are repeats so tips won’t be repeated as well.

If you’re looking for a guided tour, you can book with Yadkinville Valley Wine Tours. They offer tours with pre-set vineyard stops or you can customize your own wine trail. They were wonderful to work with and accommodating to our requests.

Our first adventure throughout Yadkinville was a ladies only trip. It was a great way to see a few vineyards, have a tour guide who provided information on the vineyards and the wine making process at each, and safely navigate us along our wine trail.

Trail 1:  This tour was with YVWT and consisted of the following:

Laurel Gray Vineyards
Shiloh General Store
Shadow Springs
Dobbins Creek
You could also use this trail for a self guided tour. (With a designated driver of course.)

Trail 2:
Laurel Gray Vineyards
Sanders Ridge
Hanover Park Vineyard
Flint Hill Vineyard for diner and tasting

+Tips for this trail, Flint Hill no longer offers full service dining; however, they do have regular events you can attend for amazing food prepared by their chef.  Ziplining and Hiking trails are available at Sanders Ridge if you want to make it a full day at this vineyard.

Trail 3

Laurel Grey Vineyards (notice a trend in this as our starting vineyard, it’s beautiful scenery, great wines, homemade sauces paired with your wine tasting, & the best bread loafs & cheeses made by the homesteaders of Shiloh General store available for purchase. You will need your vittles for your day of tastings.
Dobbins Creek
Elkin Creek Vineyard
Raffaldini Vineyards
Shelton Vineyards
Rag Apple Lassie

+Tips for this trail – Enjoy wood fire pizzas at Elkin Creek & Diner at Shelton’s Harvest Grill.  The brisket grilled cheese with gouda, caramelized onions & bacon jam, sweet potato fries, charcuterie board & spinach salad are a few things our group enjoyed at Harvest Grill.

Trail 4
(Perfect for a staycation or ladies weekend- book a cottage at Medaloni Cellars. Adorable accommodations, beautiful scenery, live music, and hiking/walking trails)

Raylen Vineyards
Medaloni Cellars
West Bend Vineyard and Brewery
Divine llama Vineyard

+ Tips for this trail, West Bend Vineyard frequently has food trucks and live music, check their calendar of events. Their restaurant is across the street, Grapevine Grill, open Thursdays & Fridays 6-9PM.  Medaloni & Raylen also have food trucks and live music regularly.  For lighter fare, enjoy cheese & crackers at Medaloni.  I recommend the Gouda because it’s just so “gouda”.  Divine Llama offers llama yoga, hikes with llamas and more.  Who wouldn’t want to sip their wine in the company of these friendly llamas?

Photograph – JOLO Vineyard

JOLO Vineyards – If time allows, add this stop or schedule it for day 2 of your trip.

Trail 5

Sanders Ridge Vineyard
Shelton Vineyards 
Chateau Morrisette (This vineyard is across the border in Virginia.)
Plan dinner reservations and allow time for a tasting ahead of time. You may just get lucky to see a beautiful sunset like we did.

+Tips for this trail – Hanging Rock State Park is not far if you want to add some outdoor adventure to your trip.  You could easily set up your camp site ahead of time but keep in mind state parks close their gates at night.

Trail 6

Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery
Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery Raffaldini Vineyards
Dobbins Creek Vineyards
Brandon Hills Vineyards

+Tips for this trail – Elkin Creek offers cabin rentals to make this a perfect option for a ladies/couples retreat.

Trail 7
Camp at Stone Mountain
Laurel Gray Vineyards
Raffaldini Vineyards
Piccione Vineyards

+Tips for this trail – Stone Mountain offers hiking trails with beautiful scenic views if you wish to add outdoor adventure to your trip.

I hope you have fun planning your NC Wine Trail.  I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions if you venture to other vineyards I didn’t mention.



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