A Unique Date Night for a Special Occasion

Let’s be honest, buying for your significant other can sometimes be the hardest thing. At least in my case, my husband is one who rarely shops or needs anything but when he does want something, he goes out and buys it. It is usually right before a special occasion too.

Does this sound familiar to you also?

When we celebrated our 9 year anniversary last October, I wanted to find a date night experience that went along with a traditional gift for a 9 year anniversary. Traditional gifts include either pottery/willow and modern gifts of leather.

I’ve always wanted to have a hands on experience making pottery pieces. After doing some research of local potters and studios, I found one who was able to accomodate my workshop request. Not only did she accommodate, she went above and beyond to make our date night a fun and memorable experience.

I met Caitlin of Porch Dog Pots at a local market that I was also attending as a vendor.

Aren’t these pieces beautiful?

Caitlin had us each choose a piece of pottery that we wanted to customize. That was hard to do because we loved all of the options. Ultimately, I went with a platter and my husband choose a thumbprint tumbler.

I also knew I wanted my platter to be stamped with our wedding date in Roman Numerals. Caitlin created custom stamps to accommodate this request. My husband wanted to stamp his mug with a Lab, representative of our beautiful chocolate lab, London.

We had the opportunity to throw clay, form a new mold, carve into clay, stamp sample pieces, ink on the bottom of our pieces, ect. Caitlin was so very patient with us as we practiced & messed up molds. She was prepared and brought multiple pieces in the event we did mess up but also, she taught us the beauty in working with clay is that you can sometimes work it to hide the mistakes and fix the problem.

Walking away from our date night, my husband grabbed my hand and said he had the best time and thanked me for everything. That my friends is success when the man your buying for needs nothing! It was an evening we won’t forget and we will always be reminded of it each time we use our customized pieces.

This date night could be a great option for Valentine’s that is coming up. A potter may not be able to accomodate on such short notice but you may be able to give a giftcard for the experience for a future date!

I hope this idea helps you in planning fun and memorable date nights with your significant other!

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